Common Questions

Can I still order through email or text?

Yes! We do prefer you make an order online but, if you prefer to make your order through email, text or calling us we will do our best to accommodate. We aim to do the best at making Grazing online an easy experience for everyone.

If my order is less than the minimum order amount, what is the delivery charge?

If your order is less than $150 we will charge a $7 - $15 delivery fee  
*Please see our Delivery Zones section for zone delivery pricing*

What if I prefer to pick up my order? Is there a minimum order?

There is no minimum order to arrange pick up. Some items and farmers product may ONLY be available for delivery
We can arrange pick up locations and offerings depending on your area.  
*See our selection of “Farmers Box” to see your local farmers offerings*

When will my order be delivered?

We deliver weekly *Subject to change*   
You can Choose to order weekly, bi weekly or monthly with us. We let you decide what you can fit in your freezer.  

Currently Servicing:  
Barrie, Innsifil, Alcona, Bradford, Holland Landing, Queensville, Sharon and 
Newmarket areas. 
NOTE: If you live in a smaller community or if your city is not listed, please get in touch as we do travel outside of these zones from time to time. 

All orders must be in weekly Tuesday’s by 10pm to receive your delivery that same week Thursday or Friday (See our Delivery Zone Section). 

If your order is outside this timeline – it will be moved to the following week when we deliver in your area or, you can arrange a pick up.  

What if I'm not home?

No problem! We strongly suggest leaving a cooler for us to place your order in until you get home and, we also provide an insulated bag to keep it frozen for a few hours. We just ask that once you arrive home you unpack your items and place them in the freezer as soon as you are able to do so. 

Who will deliver my order?

We work with a few local couriers and on specific routes or we deliver ourselves.

How will my order be packaged?

We are all about eco friendly and reusable options. Your order will be in a reusable thermo bag. We encourage you to return our bags upon your next delivery so we clean and reuse it in the future. 

How Do I Pay?

You order and pay through our online payment system on our website.

Can I Return or Exchange an Item?

Please visit our Refund Policy section.