Our Story

Hi, I’m Tanya.

Creator and Owner of Graze Local.

Some call me the “Lady Locavore” because I’m an advocate of eating, shopping and supporting local.

I built this company in 2019 after I was diagnosed with an auto immune disease that changed my life forever.

I made it my mission to heal with food and find the best quality, local and  sustainable sources around.

When I first started this journey and sourcing, I quickly realized I was not the only one looking for certain items to meet their dietary requirements. I then started to get requests to help others source. Which led me to create “Graze Local”.

Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of building a sustainable wholesale business helping local farmers and artisans get out their quality products for our community and surrounding local areas to enjoy.

Since our world has shifted a bit, so has business plans and, have now decided to also provide online direct to consumer services. 

What I love most about Graze Local is that 75-80% goes directly back to the farmers and artisans I work with. This helps them, their families as well as mine. Remember: When you support local you don’t just support 1 big major corporation.

Thank you everyone for supporting and helping our community Graze Local. 



info@grazelocal.ca (general inquires)

yournaturalsource@gmail.com (wholesale inquires)